Pope Francis: I Believe in Mercy

Pope Francis: I Believe in Mercy

Don't miss this full color, extended edition of the story of our Holy Father, Pope Francis. The secone edition includes more coverage of Pope Francis' travels, his teachings since his election, a beautiful map of Vatican City, Francis' Coat of Arms, an explanation of the Swiss Guards, an illustrated history of the Pope Mobile, and an appendix full of fun facts and source material.

Jorge Bergoglio was just an ordinary teenager in Argentina, until the autumn day he decided to stop by a church. That’s when he hears an astonishing call.

But that’s only the beginning of Jorge’s adventures, which take him into the Jesuit order, the priesthood, serving the poor, and into a bitter conflict when his country is involved in a sinister Dirty War. But Jorge keeps trying to follow Christ, no matter where He leads - even to Rome and the heart of the Church! The amazing true story of Pope Francis, and his experience of the mercy of God.

You look for God, but then you realize he is already looking for you. You want to find Him, but He finds you first.  - Jorge Bergoglio (Pope Francis)

Story by: Regina Doman
Art by: Sean Lam
Paperback - 64 Pages
Published by: Manga Hero, 2014

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