Pope Francis One-Year Anniversary: 7 Moments That Made You Go “Aww”

Today is Pope Francis’ one year anniversary as the Bishop of Rome. During his first year of papacy, he’s become somewhat of a media darling, making headlines daily for his impressively personable and humble approach. He was even named the most talked about person on the Internet in 2013! And why wouldn’t he be? He’s just so darn likeable!

Let’s take a look back at seven Pope Francis moments from the past year that made you go “aww”:

1. Personally Thanking the Staff and Paying His Bill at a Hotel

Despite having been elected as Pope one day before, Francis showed up at the desk of his hotel and personally thanked the staff and paid his own bill, showing his humility and setting an example for priests and bishops.

2. Taking First Papal Selfie With People at the Vatican

Get with the times? Pope Francis is already there. Introducing the first papal “selfie”:

3. Carrying a Baby Lamb on His Shoulders

While Pope Francis was visiting a live nativity scene just outside of Rome, someone hoisted a baby lamb on top of the pontiff's shoulders, creating one of the most precious pictures ever. 

4. Embracing Vinicio Riva

Undoubtedly one of the most moving moments of his papacy so far. After a general audience in St. Peter’s Square, Pope Francis came across Vinicio Riva, who suffers from neurofibromatosis, and lovingly embraced him and prayed for him.

5. Gracefully Dealing With This Boy Who Stole the Stage

This will melt your heart. Despite several people’s attempts to coax him off the stage, the boy had other plans. And Pope Francis graciously played along...

6. Personally Calling people Who Had Written to Him


“Hi, this is Pope Francis calling.”

Can you imagine the surprise of being phoned by the pope? Pope Francis is known for unexpectedly calling people who have written him letters, including one woman whom he called to comfort after her boyfriend had tried to pressure her to have an abortion.


Pope Francis making a heart gif
via catholicguyproblems.tumblr.com