Holy Week Is Here: Let’s Make the Last Week of Lent Count!

Have you gotten a little lax with your Lenten goals? You’re not alone.

At the start of Lent, I so optimistically proclaimed that I was going to make this “the best Lent ever.” I made lists of all the character flaws I wanted to work on and all the things that were hindering my relationship with Christ. I set goals. I made plans. And I failed.

If you’re anything like me, you began Lent with all this energy and good intentions to grow in holiness--but then you saw that that required a lot of sacrifice and a lot of suffering, and, my goodness, life just got so crazy! And then those Lenten goals got pushed to the background.

But there’s hope! There always is. It’s Holy Week, the final week of Lent. The days leading up to the joy of Easter Sunday when we proclaim that yes, Christ is risen!

As we continue through this week, why not renew our Lenten goals? Put more fervor into our original plans? I challenge you to sit down, pray, and write down all the intentions you had when Lent began. Then, find ways to renew your commitment to those goals this week. Think you don’t have the energy? Or don’t have time? Or just don’t have the courage? Pray. The Lord will give you the grace to see you through even when you think you can’t make it.

We’re on the home stretch, folks. Let’s give it all we’ve got.

Photo credit: jezobeljones