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Who is your HERO?

Manga Hero publishes manga about heroes and heroines.

What defines the heroes and heroines in our manga? Honor, sacrifice, courage, faith, love, or wisdom?

Read the original-English-language manga from Manga Hero to find out!



Manga Hero’s manner of storytelling is creative, the art is very nice and detailed, the theme and style of art was very cool - kind of a mixture of fantasy and technology, makes me think of the style of certain Final Fantasy titles.

- Ben

It's always exciting to see the lives of such heroic people promoted and to see their stories being told. It's particularly pleasing to see how the Manga Hero books are reaching out and delivering these stories to young people in a popular style they can relate to.

- Tim

I have really been enjoying reading Manga Hero. The art is amazing! I love everything about about their books.

- Gabriela

Beautiful, deep, and quite insightful.

- Grace